Fantastic landscapes in Belize you need to visit

Fantastic landscapes in Belize you need to visit

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Mountain Pine Ridge Belize Butterfly Falls

Nestled in 7200 acres of a private forest reserve, Butterfly Falls is truly a hidden treasure in the Mountain Pine Ridge. While this is only accessible only through Hidden Valley Inn. This amazing location is an ideal private and exclusive setting for that romantic getaway or an intimate wedding.

Mountain Pine Ridge BelizeHummingbird Highway

One of the most scenic highways in Belize.  Taking you through a 55 miles of winding hills, orchards, and small villages along the foothills of the Maya Mountains.  Whether you choose to self-drive or take a private shuttle be sure to have your camera ready for some awesome shots. However along the way take pit stop for a refreshing swim at the Inland Blue Hole National Park.

Mountain Pine Ridge BelizeLamanai Archeological Site

Once a major city of the Maya civilization, located in the north of Belize, in the Orange Walk District. Lamanai is a Mesoamerican archaeological site.  While this tour includes a cruise along the majestic New River spotting crocodiles and other exotic wildlife along with flora & fauna.  The hiking trails will lead you to impressive temples, plazas and stone carving.  However, the best view is atop the Rain God Temple (High Temple). Climb 112 feet to a fantastic panoramic view of the lush tropical rain-forest.

Mountain Pine Ridge BelizeToledo District

The Southernmost district in Belize. Toledo is home to pristine rainforests and jungles, offshore cayes, coastal lowlands and an extensive network of caves. Visit the picturesque Maya villages of southern Belize. And step hundreds of years back in time to the great Maya civilizations of antiquity.

Mountian Pine Ridge BelizeMountain Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is full of wonderful places to hike, swim and have picnics. This fascinating 300 square miles of forest reserve provide you with a unique eco-system of rivers, pools, waterfalls and caves.  Top attractions in the Mountain Pine Ridge include Rio on Pools, Big Rock Waterfalls, Rio Frio Cave and the 1000 ft falls.


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