6 things every family must do in Belize

6 things every family must do in Belize

Icon June 17, 2017
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Fantastic ideas for any Belize Family Trip

With its 8,867 square mile of compact adventures, a Belize Family Trip is sure to keep the entire family entertained.  In fact with so much to do, it can be difficult to decide where to begin.  Depending on what destination in Belize you are visiting there are activities for every family.  In addition to 6 highlights below, families can enjoy an array of adventures whether soft of high adventures.  Talk to our Travel Specialist to custom build your Belize Family Trip, and to choose the right adventures for you.

  1. Visit the best little Zoo in the world

The Belize Zoo is located just 30 minutes’ drive from Belize City on the George Price Highway.  In fact its convenient location is the perfect for travelers going to San Ignacio, Dangriga or Placencia by road.  Unlike other zoos your might have visited, the Belize Zoo keeps its animals in their natural habitat.  As a matter of fact animals kept have not been captured from the wild, but rather donated by other zoos, removed from the illegal pet trade, rescued, abandoned, orphaned, or bred in captivity.  It will take less than 2 hours to explore the entire facility. The zoo is big enough to be really interesting, but small enough where even little kids won’t be tired walking through all of it.

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  1. Explore the ancient Mayan Temples

The entire country of Belize was once a thriving Mayan Empire. Today, Belize is left with dozens of stunning Mayan archeological sites you can visit across the country.  For that avid young explorer visiting one of these impressive sites will teach them about the Maya, their culture and beliefs.  But the fun part is depending on what site they are visiting, arriving at the site can vary.  Most sites are accessible by land but some can be reached by boat or even on horseback.  Of course some are small in size while others are larger and allow for visitors to climb atop the tallest pyramids.

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  1. Learn about conservation at the Green Iguana Project

Kids are sure to go wild over the Belize Green Iguana Conservation project.  Housed at the San Ignacio Hotel on the lush jungle near the Macal River.  The program serves to educate people about the animals and prevent them from being hunted for food. A short nature hike featuring labeled plants leads to the iguana hatchery, which features nurturing and breeding enclosures, incubators and a display of scores of iguanas.  Meet the resident iguanas, learn about their behavior, feed and hold them, or take a photo with them as a souvenir.

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  1. Visit the Blue Morpho Butterfly farm

Nestled on the grounds of the Lodge at Chaa Creek, the Blue Morpho Butterfly farm is a must visit.  This fun activity lets kids stand in the midst of hundreds of iridescent Blue Morpho Butterflies in flight.  Imagine the kid’s excitement.  At the farm, which is a small screen structure, kids are able to observe the fascinating life cycles of the butterflies.  In addition just a few steps away, kids will visit the Natural History Center.  Learning about the geography, while observing exhibits of other creatures in the region and Maya archeological artifacts.

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  1. Explore the ancient Maya underworld

Begin your journey back through time as you enter the amazing realm of Belize’s cave-systems. This tour is great for families and provides a fantastic introduction to the Maya sacred underworld of Xibalba – place of gods. Float through mysterious limestone archways beckoning you into the mouths of centuries-old caves, holding untold stories of Maya rituals. In fact kids will be able to explore the many breathtaking formations designed by nature.  Together with learning about the ancient rituals and ceremonies that are a part of their mystique and magic

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  1. Swim with the sharks

Belize is home to the largest living barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, providing amazing underwater adventures.  With a short boat ride off the coast of Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine Reserve provide one of the best snorkeling sites.  In fact Hol Chan can be considered a large aquarium with thousands of colorful fish and various coral.  However, the highlight would be the stop at the Shark Ray Alley where kids get a chance to feed and swim with the nurse sharks and southern sting rays. In fact both are bottom feeders and don’t care to eat humans, so kids are perfectly safe.

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