5 experiences for your Belize summer getaway

5 experiences for your Belize summer getaway

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Although many people know where Belize is located, many still remain clueless, but have certainly heard of the amazing Belize vacation adventures we offer.  Our small yet ecologically diverse country is bordered north by Mexico, south by Guatemala and east by the ever stunning Caribbean Sea.  A Belize summer getaway can be filled with some of the most amazing adventures for everyone.   In fact we have only selected a couple to illustrate what a typical getaway can entail.

1. Climb atop an Ancient Mayan ruin

Belize summer getawayDiscovering the real Belize, past and present, means booking a tour package to visit the ancient civilizations of the Mayans whether it’s a climbing up a Mayan Temple, exploring the underworld caves – Xibalba, or experiencing the Mayan culture at a Mayan Village in Toledo. Our country has several intriguing options for travelers to choose from.

2. Explore the fascinating underwater world

Belize summer getawayBelize’s beauty on land is nothing compared to the stunning underwater environments found at the Belize Barrier Reef.  In fact the reef is comprised of many dive and snorkel sites where you can explore the colorful underwater world filled with abundant sea life. Dive companies throughout Belize require a scuba card validating your certificate in order for you to dive so be sure to bring it along during your travels; if you’re not certified, Belize is a great place to learn and get certified by any of our capable, local operators.

3. Do something exhilarating

Belize summer getaway | Belize VacationsBelize offers an exciting mix of adventures to get your daily recommended adrenaline rush. If you are into exhilarating experiences try these options on your next Belize summer getaway; zip-ling, rappelling, mountain biking and sky diving.  While these are just some suggestions, you can ask your travel advisor about other options on your bucket-list.

4. Indulge in a soothing spa treatment

Belize summer getawayBelize offers a wide range of wellness, spa, and personal care treatments that promise to uplift. Be on the lookout for complete spa packages or yoga retreats. At most resorts, you will be presented with a full menu of massage services, available in the privacy of your room, on the beach, or under a thatched cabana in the jungle.

5. Unwind on the beach

Belize summer getawayAlthough all these amazing adrenaline filled adventures will have your entertained, be sure to retreat to the beach to unwind.  There are various amazing beach locations with beautifully appointed resorts to choose. Ask your travel advisor on the best recommendations based on your budget and style.

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