The Belize Blue hole: An amazing diving experience

The Belize Blue hole: An amazing diving experience

Icon September 2, 2016
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There is just so much adventures a diver can experience while diving in Belize.  It is always difficult to create a list of adventures, because although Belize is a small country which forms part of Central America it sure boasts the second largest living barrier reef in the world.

In the early spring and summer thousands of visitors flock to this tropical destination for its amazing inland adventures. These include ziplining, cavetubing, hiking Mayan archeological sites or for that amazing romantic honeymoon getaway.  While others visit so they can swim with the whale sharks in Placencia or dive the world renown Blue Hole.

Over the past years this tiny country has received several accolades. And in 2014 Belize’s unusual deep water attraction, The Blue Hole, has been named among Conde Nast Traveler’s ‘Best Deep Holes in the World’ via

The Blue Hole holds tremendous attraction for those who want to experience a unique SCUBA experience or just test the waters of the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef; Conde Nast comments:

“One of the largest sea holes in the world. The Great Blue Hole is located 43 miles from the coast of Belize in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hole is a popular recreational scuba diving spot, made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the early 1970s. This submarine sinkhole is nearly 1,000 feet wiee and more than 400 feet deep. Lighthouse Reef atoll surrounds the Great Blue Hole, where sand and coral contrast intensely with the dark blue water.” –

The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km from the mainland.

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